A Few Things About Mood Lighting

A Few Things About Mood Lighting I often get asked by customers how many uplighters they need for their event and what type of light would be suitable. There is no simple answer for these questions, but hopefully in the article, I can shed a bit of light on the topic (pun totally intended!). So let’s get into it…. Type Of Mood Lighting There are many types of light…

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London Music: The Sound Revolution

The United Kingdom has been the birthplace for numerous acts that revolutionized the music industry on an international scale. Artists that were not only talented, but years ahead of their time emerged, and with them came new ways of making and performing music. This new sound is what became affectionately known as The London Sound. London is perhaps most famous for its Rock scene during the 60’s as this…

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Basis of Service 1.1 These are the terms and conditions of London Sound and Light (LSL). All hires and services provided by LSL are subject to these terms and conditions, and the customer agrees that by using the services provided by LSL, that they are bound by these terms and conditions. 1.2 These terms and conditions may, at any time, be amended by LSL. The customer…

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