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Speaker Hire – PA System and Backline Rental

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PA And Speaker Hire

London Sound and Light provide PA systems and sound reproduction systems for events of all sizes. We are based near to Central London and can deliver to any area in central and greater London. We have music equipment for every situation and always strive to provide the best products for hire.

You may be asking yourself ‘which PA system is right for me?’ Well, to put it simply, that depends on a few variables. Please read on and we’ll try to shine some light on the situation.

Corporate Event PA hire

Probably the easiest events to choose speakers for are conferences and low level corporate events. This is because the focus is more on the style of speaker and room coverage and less about high volumes and big basslines.

We have a great selection of small, stylish PA systems for rent that suit corporate events perfectly. An example of these would be the RCF Art 310-a speakers. We choose our speakers so that they blend in to the environment seamlessly. Along with our great selection of PA systems, we also have top-of-the-range microphones, audio mixing consoles, and other accessories to match any budget.

We have worked on many corporate events, and have worked for many top companies in the city providing equipment and technical support, along with event planning and logistics.


Large scale event PA systems

London Sound and Light are no stranger to large speaker systems! We provide amps, signal processing such as EQs and compressors, FOH speakers, stage monitors and much much more! For events of this size (more than 500 people), we will usually need to have a chat with you on the phone to get a good idea of the scale/spacing of your event among other factors. This way, our professional staff can make sure they are suggesting the right kit and this means you are guaranteed to be happy with the results!


House and Garden Parties

Are you having a summer BBQ? Or, perhaps a birthday party that requires a PA system? We can definitely help you out! We stock a selection of speakers that would work great in these situations. Along with the audio systems, we can also provide gazebos to shelter the kit and your guests. If you are having a DJ at your party, we can also provide either budget or top of the range CDJs and decks.

So let’s cut to the chase! Which speaker should you order? Well, firstly let me start by saying that ordering a single speaker by itself is probably not the best idea. Most music these days is made in stereo, just like our own ears, and so it is almost always preferential to have a stereo pair of speakers. The second thing to consider is how loud you want the music? Will your neighbours be annoyed if it’s too loud? Do you require lots of bass? How big is the space? Is there a clear space to put 2 speakers?

An example of a very nice house party set up would be to use 2 x RCF art 310-a Speakers, and 1 x RCF Art 705-as subwoofer. This would give you the sound quality, coverage and volume without taking up huge amounts of space.

If you have a larger space and want 2 speakers but no subwoofer, then the RCF Art 715-a speakers are the only way to go.


We are always expanding our stock and don’t always have the time to keep our website fully updated, so if you require something that you can’t find online, please do give us a call. We are a very friendly bunch! 🙂

For more information, call London Sound and Light on 0203 086 7775 and we’ll guide you to the right sound system. Alternatively, click to view our PA systems for hire

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